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Travelling to an exotic place is exciting but it can also be a little daunting. Put your mind at ease and find answers to your Afriken Safaris Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it safe to travel to Africa on Safari?

As with many places around the world Africa has its places of danger and these should be avoided. There are many horror stories coming out of the continent but in general Africa is a safe destination to travel to - if you take the necessary precautions.
Planning your trip with our listed service providers will prevent any misunderstandings and allow you to enjoy what will certainly be your most memorable holidays.

What Dangers Might I Encounter on an African Safari?

You will probably go through your African Safari without encountering anything that can be construed as a dangerous situation. You will, in all likelihood, get up close and personal with some of Africa' most dangerous animals albeit it from the safety of a safari vehicle.
Listening to your guide will ensure that these encounters stay memorable for the right reasons. When in the wilderness areas it is advisable to listen to the safety talks. Do not think for one moment that you can do your own thing. Although animals can be approached in the safari vehicles, they are wild and will react to a threat. A person walking in their territory is considered a threat. This means you.

How can I prevent contracting Malaria in Africa?

Although malaria is prevalent in Africa the chance of you as a visitor contracting the disease is very small.
Malaria is rife in highly populated areas and these areas are generally not on the tourist route.
Nonetheless, malaria is a killer.
It is essential to take prophylactics which must be administered by your GP's before departing on your safari.
Read this Malaria Precaution Covering up in the evenings and using repellent on the areas that cannot be covered will assist in preventing mosquitoes biting.

Is there a best time to visit Africa on Safari?

As Africa straddles the equator and the two tropics there will be a destination to visit at any time of the year. In the past it was thought that countries should be avoided during the rainy season but this has proved to be misleading in many cases as the rainy seasons provide some of the most dramatic experiences. A travel consultant will advise on the options at specific times of the year.
Also read more about The African Safari Seasons

Which country is the best to visit in Africa for a safari?

Believe it or not, we do get asked this question. This is like asking which country is the best country to buy fish and chips in - there is no definite answer.
It will depend on what you are looking for - but you ought to know at least something about fish and chips and something about the countries you might be interested in. If the goal is merely to experience Africa then your options are many. One of our destination experrts can guide you in making a decision. However, you ought to have some idea of what you want. Check through our listed service providers- before you make your enquiry.

Will I be guaranteed to see lions on my African Safari?

Most of the better-known parks and reserves have lions but this is still no guarantee that you will see lions on your safari, however the chances are very high. Visiting a number of parks during your safari will allow for more chance of seeing these incredible creatures. You may well see lions every day of your safari but as with all wildlife nothing is sure. The writer of this article travelled in Kruger Park for 4 days. On the morning of the 5th day, leaving the park, this writer saw the back half of a lion sticking out from behind a boulder. Such is luck! The best approach is not to put yourself under pressure to see lions but rather to appreciate everything - the lions will happen.

What accommodation can I expect on my African Safari?

How much money do you want to spend. Our listed service providers start at 6 star all-your-heart-desires opulence.
An African Safari today is a far cry from the safaris of the past. When inquiring about your safari trip it is best to state what your expectations regarding accommodation so that your Afriken Safaris & Destinations consultant can assist you in meeting your needs.
Reality Check: Luxury in the bush can cost more than luxury in the city as a result of transport logistics. There are places so remote. The game viewing is so unbelievably fantastic. The accommodation is basic rustic. Yet the cost of getting you there is MORE than the cost of a luxury lodge,Camping site, Hotel  etc listed with us elsewhere, for the same duration.

What standard of food can I expect on my African Safari holiday?

The standard of food is generally very high - even in the remotest lodges. Most lodges,hotels,Resorts, Villas etc listed with us will have qualified chefs on hand. Part of the safari experience today is the cuisine and a great emphasis is placed on food - and there will be more than sufficient.

What medical supplies must I pack for my African Safari?

Medical kits are available at lodges, Hotels,Resorts,camping sites etc and in safari vehicles listed with us to treat minor inflictions.
You, however, should pack your own basic medical kit with painkillers, antiseptic cream, anti histamine and plasters.
Prescription medicines must be brought with on safari and it is important to note that a description of the medicine should be obtained from your practitioner in case of emergency while on safari.
The description will allow for medical personal in Africa to find a replacement prescription if necessary.

Can I charge my camera batteries while on safari?

Most accommodations in Africa will have facilities to charge batteries for cameras and video recorders but it is advisable to bring spare batteries as backup. Many establishments have the necessary adaptors to fit all international plugs but it is advisable to bring your own adaptors.
Some establishments will have photographic equipment for sale such as batteries, film and memory cards but these may be relatively pricey so it is best to come prepared.

What currency is best for a safari in Africa?

Most countries and establishments will take payment in US$ but it is always advisable to exchange an amount into the local currency in case of emergency. Your guide will advise on currency exchange matters. It is recommended for South Africa to exchange currency into the local Rand.
In most countries it is easy to exchange money into local currency, be it at the airport or bank.
Credit cards are widely accepted.

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